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How to Make KFC Original Fried Chicken

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Those who are passionate about cooking want to know how to make KFC’s original fried chicken, as it is an outstanding chicken recipe. It is among those delicacies that can serve both as a dinner item and a picnic delight.

Ingredients required for KFC original fried chicken recipe are as follows

how to make KFC original fried chicken

  1. 1 full chicken

Purchase a good fryer if you can. Do not choose one which is already nicely chopped and wrapped in plastic. Use a fresh one. Cut it into smaller pieces for frying. Cut the chicken into nine pieces- two legs, two thighs, two ribs, two wings and the breast. If you are not sure of how to cut these pieces, you can get some expert help, or have your butcher do it.

  1. 150 grams of all purpose flour, mixed with “secret” spices, as listed below. This gives the KFC original fried chicken its crispiness. KFC is famous for its extra crispy recipes. It has its own patented cooking appliances. Check the list below for 11 secret herbs in KFC’s original fried chicken.
  2. 1 can of Tomato Soup.
  3. 2 eggs
    The eggs not only provide flavor to the chicken but also help the spiced flour adhere. If you do not add eggs, the flour may not stick to the chicken. The eggs give a good flavor to the chicken and make it sticky enough for plenty of seasoned flour batter to stick to.”
  4. 2/3 cup of milk
    Milk provides required amount of moisture to the fried chicken.
  5. Vegetable oil to cover the bottom of a frying pan, about 1/2 inch deep

The 11 secret herbs in KFC’s original fried chicken recipe are as follows

how to make KFC original fried chicken

  1. 1/3 tablespoon of salt
  2. 1/3 tablespoon of oregano
  3. 2 tablespoon of garlic salt
  4. 1/2 tablespoon of thyme
  5. 1 tablespoon of ground ginger
  6. 1/2 tablespoon of basil
  7. 1 tablespoon of celery salt
  8. 1 tablespoon of black pepper
  9. 1 tablespoon of dry mustard
  10. 4 tablespoon of paprika
  11. 2 tablespoon of Mono Sodium Glutamate (Accent)

How to make KFC original fried chicken?

how to make KFC original fried chicken

Read the steps and you can easily learn.

  1. Take a bowl and beat the eggs thoroughly with the help of rotary eggbeater. Pour the milk into the beaten eggs and whisk the eggs and milk to blend them.
  2. In another bowl mix the flour and soup.
  3. Dip the chicken pieces in the egg and milk batter. Make sure the batter covers the chicken completely. To get the perfect marinade and to allow time for the milk to make the chicken juicy inside, soak it for 12 hours.
  4. Then roll it in the flour mixture to coat it completely.
  5. Repeat the above two step to make it extra crispy.
  6. Heat the vegetable oil in a frying pan. Fry the chicken pieces in the frying pan on a low frame. KFC uses pressure fryers for this, to ensure the perfection of its chicken delicacies. Cook for 20-30 minutes, turning frequently, until golden-brown.
  7. Place the fried chicken pieces on a paper towel to drain the oil.

Serve it with gravy for better flavor.

Tips for making any type of fried chicken

how to make KFC original fried chicken

Brining:  Soak the chicken in cold salty water at least for 30 minutes. Then drain the water and pat dry before frying.

  • For best result, use an iron skillet.
  • Do not put too many chicken pieces in the frying pan at once.
  • Make sure that your chicken pieces are cooked thoroughly and evenly by turning them frequently.
  • Pierce a large chicken piece with fork to determine if it is cooked. Look for clear juices rather than pink. For white meat, a minimum temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit is required, whereas for dark meat it should be 170.

How to make KFC original fried chicken is no longer a secret. Try it out with the tips mentioned above. Well seasoned meat and good quality chicken are the keys to good fried chicken. The above recipe is close to KFC’s original fried chicken but not an exact replica. You can also experiment with different flavors to create your own fried chicken recipe or to make it more appealing.

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    How long do I cook this in a pressure cooker, and at what temperature?

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    Made this yesterday and our family loved it! Will definitely make again!

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  8. matthew Says:

    will it work if i grill the chicken?

  9. Rajeh Says:

    Thanks it looks good
    2 note though
    1 tomato soup not sure it was used by kfc
    2 I think you mix between fehrenhite and celcuis
    Please check

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    Can i bake instead of frying?

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  15. Colonel's #1 fan Says:

    When do you add the secret herb recipes? Directly on to the chicken for when you marinate, or do you add them along with the flour?

  16. Dr Sridevi Says:

    We love KFC. Words shorten to express our love towards KFC. Thank you for your recipe. But not mentioned the other ingredients when to add. Though we like to eat in the restaurant, curiosity to learn out of interest.Regards
    Dr Sridevi

  17. aishwarya Says:

    it is very useful for me

  18. susan Says:

    Pse give another name for Mono Sodium Glutamate ( accent) as described in your KFC Recipe. Definately worth a try!

  19. Shawn Says:

    I can’t understand why you would put the tomato soup in the flour mix? Wouldn’t that turn into mush?

  20. bob baloua Says:

    For starters you do not fry anything in a pressure cooker !
    It is infamously dangerous unless you know exactly what you are doing.
    You can replace the canned tomato soup by adding tomato powder to the dry ingredients,and you can triple or multiply by ten the recipe and freeze the dry ingredients. as for the milk and eggs use whatever amount is needed to marinate your chicken and discard the leftovers.
    The temperatures indicated are in celsius of course as they are internal meat temperatures.
    You should deep fry the chicken in 350-375 F vegetable oil for 10 minutes and finish them in the oven at 325 F for best results.
    Best bet to know if your chicken is done “use a thermometer” !
    Bon appetit !

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  24. Jason Says:

    I am not sure where this recipe came from but tomato soup ? in my country there is no tomato soup in the mix and would make it taste horrible.Also if you cook chicken to 160f there is a 100% chance that you will be eating raw chicken.
    Worst KFC recipe online.keep looking

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    I have prepared KFC look like many times. I have used Tomato puree to marinate, which gives good taste. Also I add baking soda or Sodium bi-carbonate to make it crispy. Thanks a lot for giving idea about the herbs added.

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    Wrong ingrdients, confusing instructions

  40. BarbWire Says:

    This is NOTHING like KFC chicken. WAY too much pepper, my kids took the skin off and just ate the chicken.

    The chicken meat was very moist and delicious, but the coating was too peppery. Cut it in half at LEAST.

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  42. Peter Bee Says:

    Hi, I completely disagree with the use of tomato soup in this recipe completely. KFC is a dry coating and when the chicken is tossed in the flour with the herbs and spices there is no use of tomato soup. Marinade the chicken in the sea salt and cold water as suggested for upwards of 1 hour at room temperature. The salt will prevent any bacteria so do not worry. Mix the flour with the herbs and spices. I do not use eggs as the tend to get the chicken to burn quickly when deep frying. What I do is once the chicken has marinated, add about 3 tablespoons of corn starch to the flour and spice mixture. (makes the flour stick to the chicken and also adds cripyness when deep fried) Also try cutting down on the ginger as it will overpower the taste. I use about a half to a teaspoon of powdered ginger. I also add a quarter to a half teaspoon of chili powder. Make sure that you blend the flour and spices thoroughly. One way to ensure a good blend is to use a food processor with a metal chopping blade on the bottom and kind of shake the processor so the mix blends well. Another hint is to buy a coffee grinder and grind the celery salt or non powdered herbs down into a fine powder. Make sure you use powdered spices and not whole, if they are not powdered, grind them in a coffee grinder also one by one. Place the flour and spice mixture into a plastic bag or Ziplock bag and place the chicken pieces in a couple at a time and shake well to coat (do not pat the marinated chicken dry , just shake off the excess marinade and dunk into the mix). Take the pieces out and put them on a wire rack to let the flour/spice mix soak in at room temp or until you see the flour soaking into the bird (Once again the salt will not allow bacteria). After about 30 minutes, repeat the procedure and coat them one more time. Let them rest again for another 30 minutes on the wire rack. Once this is completed you can start deep frying. If you do not own a deep fryer pressure cooker as KFC uses, use a temperature controlled deep fryer with a lid. Heat the oil until hot then turn the temperature down to 225 F. Wait for the oil to get down to 225 F before frying or the chicken will cook too quickly and burn. I use vegetable shortening and not vegetable oil, it makes a big difference. Place the chicken 2-3 pieces at a time (do not overcrowd) and deep fry for about 20 minutes. Make sure you use fryer chickens (smaller) as the larger birds will not cook through. Once the 20 minutes are up, remove the chicken from the oil and let them drain over a cookie sheet and a wire rack. To keep the chicken warm while cooking the remainder you can place the cookie sheet/wire rack into a 180 degree oven. Enjoy!!

  43. Peter Bee Says:

    I also forgot to mention that I also do not dip the chicken pieces in milk. Also if you find the basil is overpowering then try using marjoram, this is what I use as it is very similar to basil but it not as powerful. If the recipe above is based on whole spices and not powdered, try cutting the amounts you put into the flour, powdered spices and herbs are more dense. Whole spice is more bulky if you know what I mean.

  44. Peter Bee Says:

    One last thing, if you truly believe there is tomato in this recipe, which I can almost certain say there is not, then try finding powdered tomato soup mix (no veggies, just tomato) and add a tablespoon or two to the flour mix. Remember, the corn starch is what makes the flour stick and the more corn starch you use, the more crispy the coating will be. Too much corn starch and the coating will be like a rock, too little and the coating will not stick. experiment with it.

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  55. PeterBee Says:

    I also found that ground sage definitely adds to the authentic recipe. As with all spices use sparingly and adjust to your tastes. If you don’t have a pressure cooker deep fryer, use a temperature regulated deep fryer and do not put the heat in excess of 225 F, deep fry for 18-20 minutes. Using fryer chickens will decrease cooking time.

  56. PeterBee Says:

    Add corn starch to the flour to ensure the coating sticks to the chicken and do not over do the cornstarch as the chicken will come out like a rock. Trial and error is the key to a tasty fried KFC clone.

  57. Divyanshu Says:

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  58. Caroline Says:

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  59. Cartman Says:

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    Please re-post some genuinely detailed, step-by-step instructions

  60. Da Chickenman Says:

    We need SERIOUS reviews! Who cares that you write “you got it now” if you haven’t tasted it. How does it taste and how close to original? Chime in ONLY if you have tried this recipe!

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