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KFC Restaurant Locations

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KFC Restaurant locations can be easily found by using the KFC store Locator on its website. Harland opened his first restaurant with the name Sanders Court and Café in front of the gas station he used to work at. Now they can be found in nearly all corners of the world. All his restaurants represent Sanders’ success on a platter.  KFC provides both world class service and taste at non-five star prices because they have invested a lot in the back end: the kitchen.
KFC restaurant locations

KFC is popular among all age groups. Whether 3 or 83 years old, everybody enjoys eating at KFC. This article is all about the facts of KFC Restaurant Locations.

Some facts about KFC Restaurants

 KFC Restaurant Locations

  • KFC offers franchises in 80 countries around the world. This covers almost every part of the world.
  • The first chicken bucket was sold in 1957 and it was a hit.
  • Harland Sanders opened his first restaurant in 1930.
  • KFC operates more than 15,000 units around the world. It has 5,200 restaurants in United States alone.
  • The world’s first Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise was located on State Street  in Murray, Utah, a few miles south of downtown Salt Lake City.

Reviews by KFC Fans: Though it is needless to say that KFC has fans around the world yet some reviews are worth mentioning here.

By ayush_yo92:  “chicken is fabuloius….i reccomen everyone 2 go dere and hav some……..juicy chicken fries are hot and crispy……2 good”

By chavigupta:  “kfc is a fast food joint famous for its non-vegetarian stuff…. it also serves vegetarian food… but non-veg’ies would specially love it……………. if u go there, you must try the crushers- a cool drink.. available in 3 flavours…. but choco crusher is a must have………
this place is a foodie’s delight………”

For more reviews you can go to Tripadvisor.in 

Advantages of eating at KFC Restaurants

 KFC restaurant locations

  • You can get discounts through coupons and can get coupons for your next meal.
  • It is fashionable to eat at KFC restaurants.
  • Most KFC restaurants are also museums, which present Sanders’ life history.

Some famous KFC Restaurants

  •  Corbin Kentucky Fried Chicken

KFC restaurant locations 

This is the birth place of Kentucky Fried Chicken. This place is quite famous and thousands of people visit this place every year. They do not visit this place just to eat but to take a look at items from the early days of Sanders’ restaurant business. There’s even a replica of Sanders’ original kitchen. So it is both a café and a museum.

Video on a visit to Corbin KFC

  • Indianapolis Kentucky Fried Chicken

KFC restaurant locations 

This is an eco-friendly restaurant. The building is designed so that it uses 25 percent less and water than other conventional KFC restaurants.

  • Kentucky Fried Chicken, Beijing

KFC restaurant locations 

This is acclaimed as the world’s largest Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant. Not only this, but in China KFC is more popular than Dominos. China holds the largest number of KFC restaurants than any other country.

Reviews by GT Banana on Kentucky Fried Chicken :  “I’m gonna have to agree with the previous review and say a few words myself.
KFC is the best fast food you’ll ever get, sweet tasting chicken, greatly cooked, and the bucket for only 64 RMB is just heaven…
And again as a young student in Beijing, if you really wanna appreciate the whole spirit and full taste of KFC go there around 7 or 8 in the morning with a bunch of buddies when you are still drunk from your night out…
gooooooood times ;-)

  • Kentucky Fried Chicken, Munich

KFC restaurant Locations

This is also one of the largest KFC restaurants. KFC Locations in Munich are:

  1. Hanauer Str. 44
  2. Pippinger Str. 99

Both locations are open:

Sun-Thurs 10:00-01:00

Fri-Sat 10:00-03:00

Needless to say, every restaurant is special, as they sell the same KFC items. Whichever branch you eat at, you feel the same. It is just a matter of architecture and service which makes them special and popular. Besides the restaurants mentioned above, there are several other KFC outlets. Of course, the figures above say it all. Go to the KFC website restaurant locator to find your nearest KFC restaurant locations.

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