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Being a passionate foodie I always wanted KFC secret recipe. KFC is a place that is perfect for satisfying your palate. They are maestros at creating taste and flavor. For years, several great chefs whipped up its fan with every new chicken dish but no body has ever beaten KFC’s secret recipe by Harland Sanders. Every time I eat it, it leaves its traces on my taste buds. Driven by my innate curiosity I decided to crack the code of this chicken delight.

KFC secret recipe
KFC is renowned for incorporating the 11 secret herbs into Colonel’s secret recipe. Harland Sanders once declared that all 11 secret herbs are available in every kitchen. With this in mind, I experimented a lot and finally came up with a recipe which is the closest to KFC Secret recipe. Of course there can be nothing like the original. I tried, and the result has been appreciated by many. Try this recipe and then feel free to give me your own views. Read on

I began my quest by actually examining the flavor while eating the original recipe.

Regarding those 11 herbs and spices, I came to this conclusion

KFC Secret recipe

  1. 1/3 tablespoon of salt
  2. 1/3 tablespoon of oregano
  3. 2 tablespoon of garlic salt
  4. 1/2 tablespoon of thyme
  5. 1 tablespoon of ground ginger
  6. 1/2 tablespoon of basil
  7. 1 tablespoon of celery salt
  8. 1 tablespoon of black pepper
  9. 1 tablespoon of dry mustard
  10. 4 tablespoons of paprika
  11. 2 tablespoon of Mono Sodium Glutamate (Accent)

Other ingredients to make KFC original recipe chicken are

KFC Secret recipe 

  • Bread-crumbs
  • 1 egg, beaten
  • 2 cups milk
  • 6 pieces of chicken

Surprised! The herbs which seemed to be a secret are already there in our kitchen. We use them in our day to day dishes. 

Directions for making KFC original chicken, close to KFC’s Secret Recipe

KFC secret recipe

Step 1:   In a large bowl, combine all 11 herbs and spices.

Step 2:   Mix the eggs and milk. Place chicken pieces in this bowl, leave it so that the chicken pieces are completely moistened.

Step 3:   Take each piece from the egg mixture and turn it in the bread-crumbs so that the each piece is completely coated with the bread-crumbs.

Step 4:   Turn these pieces in the bowl of spices, which are the main ingredients of KFC’s secret recipe.

Step 5:   Preheat the oven to 350 degree Fe.

Step 6:   Place the chicken pieces in a baking pan. Cover it tightly with foil.

Step 7:   Bake in the oven for 35 minutes

Step 8:   Remove after 35 minutes and take off the foil.

Step 9:   Cook for another 30 minutes.

Step 10:  Baste lightly with oil before taking them out.

Allow it to cool for 10 minutes, then serve this delicious chicken dish.

Even though the above ingredients and direction to cook KFC original chicken come close, there is only one place to get authentic original recipe chicken and that is KFC.

The possible reasons behind the differences may be the following

  • KFC’s patented cooking appliances such as ovens, utensils, etc.
  • The chicken used in its dishes are bought from suppliers like Tyson foods, Perdue farms and Pilgrim’s pride.
  • The temperature setting of the oven.
  • Secret seasoning

Many people have tried the above recipe and claimed that it is very close to the original. KFC’s success has largely been because of the KFC original chicken recipe and thus precautions have been taken to safeguard the identity of the ingredients. In any case, this is a perfect replacement in these days of recession and tight budget when you do not want to spend big bucks on KFC secret recipe.

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  1. john Says:

    if u love kfc so much why would u give everyone there recipe do u want them to go out of busness? this makes me so mad

  2. Q Says:

    Oh please. Do you think a KFC secret recipe website, whose recipe is close but not the same, will make the world’s biggest chicken chain go out of business? Don’t be mad. Just don’t make the recipe. Go spend your money at KFC. Stop crying.

  3. dc Says:

    well john you know what shut up you moron!!!

  4. deb Says:

    I think the main thing is how it’s cooked, now they used pressure cookers and that makes a huge difference. Today’s KFC is horrible, since the Colonel died something has changed in the recipe, somebody probably trying to cut corners and resulted in failure. This recipe is great except for the MSG part but that can be remedied.

  5. Ken Says:

    Because John, some of us love the taste but are alleric to MSG or other preservatives in KFC. Some of us have an aversion to eating cruelly raised, hormone pumped chicken, and, some of us can’t afford to buy KFC so choose to make something like it at home. Don’t worry though John, the majority of the people in the world are happy to eat unethically bred chickens, and equally happy to stuff themselves with preserviatives and highly processed foods so I doubt KFC will notice a difference in thier plump bottom line. Don’t get mad John, you could probably direct that energy to something positive. Love and light! Ken x

  6. Ken Says:

    Sorry, Allergic & their. Typing too fast! Ken x

  7. James Says:

    Maybe he’s sharing the recipe so people can make their own KFC instead of getting the garbage at KFC stores that tastes like crap. Maybe the juniors that cook the stuff have something to do with it. I’ve only had truly spectacular KFC once in my life and now that I’ve got the recipe I can have it as good as that always ;o).

  8. GayWBush Says:

    ASSmericans are too fat and lazy to put any fast food joint out of business.

  9. Another John Says:

    KFC Secret recipe

  10. Another John Says:

    In this economy KFC is overpriced (as it always has been)
    It’s chicken for God’s Sake! Thighs are .99 per lb!

  11. Matthew Says:

    KFC uses a pressure fryer and soybean oil. They buy the fryers from Winston industries.

  12. bucky Says:

    The above post is fail… notice KFC is STILL in business cause noone has the recipe. Just cause you can fry an egg doesnt mean you cant go out and buy one made.

    Ill give you a gun, lets see what you can do with it. Much like the recipe, even if it was in YOUR hands, what could you or millions of people possibly do with it? whupee-doo…

    The Colonel discovered the recipe. We pay him today cause noone has re-discovered it. So, either you pay for it, or STFU.

    Thank you.

  13. ChefChoochoo Says:

    First off, KFC will not go out of buisness, at least any time soon and certainly not for having this recipe put on the web. This recipe may produce a fairly descent tasteing piece of chicken, it misses the mark by a country mile. From useing “AN OVEN?” to no brineing the chicken first, it just doesn’t come close. SORRY! Some of the spices are there, but not all of them. However I’ve always found it interesting and rewarding to try almost any recipe to find out what results it produced. Guess that’s why they’ve called to chef choo choo for some time now. Enjoy and god bless.

  14. jonathan Says:

    Even with the ingredients you would have to have a Winston pressure fryer.

  15. SAM Says:


  16. Dan Says:

    Relax there John. Does everyone knowing how to cook a hamburger put McDonalds out of business? KFC is the often imitated, never duplicated poster child. this is the highest form of flattery. Besides, have you been to one lately? Have you seen the less than desireable conditions your food is being prepared in? woulnd’t you rather have all the flavor as well as quality? Be mad if you like, I’m going to go make some chicken and smile the whole time.

  17. Steve Says:

    Hey John, keep wasting your money. I’ll save mine and make it at home, I think KFC will survive with this recipe out. Besides I would like to use chickens where I know they have been raised. Not forcefed and treated like shjt.

  18. Alex Says:

    Yes im sure KFC will now go broke, poor old KFC

  19. Navid Says:

    @John I wanted to know because i was curious..

  20. Dan Says:

    They are a Pepsi corp property. They won’t go out of business!

    Thanks for the recipe….il give it a go.

    Did you know Kraft, who gives us wonderful food products……also make Marlboro cigarettes?

  21. Mike Says:

    Dear John^,

    KFC will never go out of business, even if you uploaded the actual, bon-a-fide recipe. People, in general, are too lazy to create their own KFC. They’d just as soon go to the restaurant for a quick meal.

    Plus, this isn’t the actual recipe. I have tried it out and while being extremely close to the real thing, it is not.

    I will say that I have tried many recipes offered online that claim to match KFC and this one is definitely the closest that I have ever gotten. I tricked my whole family into believing that it was KFC.

    Thanks OP for the recipe, I have copied it and 3×5′d it.

  22. Habakuk000 Says:

    John, you’re either very young, very stupid, or Indian…

  23. tyla Says:

    i do want them to go out of busness theyre poisoning everyone with msg

  24. nrico Says:

    the guy on the top is rite if u like it somuch then why bother reveling it
    ….. its better not knowing…..this makes me sick!!!!(><)

  25. Mehraj amreen Says:

    I luv kfc chicken but the cost s high

  26. Constantine Says:

    John..”perfect replacement in these days of recession and tight budget when you do not want to spend big bucks on KFC secret recipe” This shoud have retained your attention atleast-well unless you’ve got a filthy rich ass

  27. Jessica Says:

    the person loves EATING KFC John ;)
    why keep secrets for yourself anyway-it won’t help us in our graves >.> but maybe a couple of good wishes from others will-take a positively and get out of the materialistic business vicious circle, you’d die with a peaceful mind ..;)

  28. Tyson Wills Says:

    This is an interesting read. Thanks for sharing.

    I’m surprised that the original recipe contains chili powder even though it’s ‘non-spicy.’ Now I wonder if the recipe for the ‘spicy’ version is the same as well. Only with more chili powder perhaps? :D

  29. eric Says:

    Shut up john. You make the world mad.

  30. enyawface Says:

    The very first problem with your “recipe” KFC does NOT use ovens to make its chicken, KFC stands for Kentucky FRIED Chicken and everyone knows that they use a pressure cooker to deep fry the chicken, they also do NOT use bread crumbs, they use seasoned flour.Remember also, the original recipe chicken was introduced at the Worlds Fair, in the late 1800′s many of the spices you mention were NOT readily available in home Kitchens of the period, so back to your research on the secret recipe.The chicken is also seasoned with the secret spice and then soaked in buttermilk, before then being coated in spiced flour and then fried, The steps are like this: fresh chicken brought in from truck, seasoned, back to fridge overnight or for a day, soaked in buttermilk for 2 hrs or more, then coated in flour. Allowed to rest after coating in flour, then deep fried in a pressure cooker. Then kept at a specific temp in a moisture controlled warmer till served. All this info can be found online. So maybe back to your research.

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